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Our lighting control system is powered by ChamSys Stadium consoles.

Using a modular design, our consoles and equipment preconfigured for plug and play connectivity, and our consoles are preloaded with our custom files and personalities, making it easier to setup studios and locations quickly.

The Stadium Consoles from ChamSys boast an impressive set of features for Film & TV.

Processing an impressive 256 DMX universes directly from the console without expensive processing nodes.

Fixtures to be used in pixel modes, ready for effects at any moment, and smooth 16bit dimming without the running out of universes.

Motorised Faders synchronise smoothly between multiple consoles.

Using Control Zoning, Stages & Sets can be split between consoles to accommodate multiple filming units.

Multiple options for remote controlling the console for Shooting or Rigging.

Advance Colour Picker with RGB, HSI, X&Y, CCT +Duv controls.

CIE Colour Calibration for non-calibrated fixtures.

LEE & Rosco Filter Swatches, plus custom colour libraries.

Multiple Lighting Plan Views.

Powerful FX Engine

Pixel Mapper & Media Player.