ChamSys GeNetix
GN2 Node

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GeNetix Node 2 is a two-port Ethernet-DMX node that is compatible with any console supporting Art-Net and sACN. GeNetix Node 2 can also be used as a USB interface for MagicQ PC systems, unlocking MagicQ into reduced mode when connected via its USB-C or Network port.

Configuration is simple, whether done locally via its in-built display, remotely with its onboard web server or from the console. Powered by either PoE or its USB-C port, this versatile device is at home in many different environments as a standalone interface, truss-mounted in the rig via its M12 receiver or installed via its DIN rail mount.

GeNetix Node 2 supports Art-Net, sACN, RDM and supports both DMX input or output from its two DMX ports.


2 RDM DMX Ports supporting Input and Output
Supports Art-Net & sACN
Webserver for remote configuration
In-built display and encoder for local configuration
Can be USB or PoE powered
Unlocks MagicQ PC Systems into Reduced Mode via either USB or Network

Hardware Specifications:

RDM Direct DMX Ports: 2
Network Ports: 1
PoE Input: Yes (Port 1)
USB Ports: 1 USB-C
Kensington Security Lock Fixing: Yes

Weights and Dimensions:

Width: 125mm (4.92 inches)
Depth: 133mm (5.23 inches)
Height: 44mm (1.73 inches)
Weight: 0.85 KG (1.87 lb)