ChamSys MagicQ

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MagicQ Rack is a fully-featured rack mountable version of the MagicQ console designed for installations. It features the same operating system as MagicQ series consoles, but is designed to operate without physical user control, and supports all MagicQ features including scheduled events, OSC, UDP, and MIDI control.
Featuring 10 buttons for activation of Playbacks and Executes, MagicQ Rack is easily paired with 10Scene wall plates to create a robust installed lighting control system with all the advanced capabilities of MagicQ such as pixel mapping and multi-element fixture control.
Its 24 universes of DMX output are expandable to 48 via licence upgrade and connectivity features include two RDM-enabled DMX ports, inbuilt Wi-Fi for programming and remote control, and four 10Scene ports for connecting up to forty 10Scene wall plates.
Ideal for installations and architectural applications, this 19″ 1U unit can be used as a desktop box or rack mounted with the supplied rack ears.


Ideal for installations and architectural settings
24 universes direct from the console, expandable to 48
Two RDM enabled 5-pin DMX connectors
Inbuilt Wi-Fi for programming and remote control
Ten buttons for activation of Playbacks and Executes
Four 10Scene ports for connection of up to forty 10Scene wall plate
Features the same software as MagicQ Consoles

Hardware Specifications:

Universes supported: 48
Direct DMX Outputs 5-Pin XLR: 2
10Scene buttons: 10
External Monitor: 1920 x 1080 HDMI
Inbuilt Wi-Fi: Yes
Network Port: 1
USB Ports: 2
Audio Input: 1
Audio Output: 1
MIDI Ports in/out: Yes
TrueCon Power Input: 90-250v AC

Software Specifications:

Max Number of DMX Channels: 24576
Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 24576
Max Number of Cues: 5000
Max Number of Cue Stacks: 2000
Max Number of Groups: 5000
Max Number of Palettes: 4096
Number of Media Server Layers Supported: 50 (each different content)
Midi & Midi Timecode Supported: Yes
OSC Supported: Yes
RDM Autopatch for fast show patching
Fixture library of over 48,000 fixture files
Built in FX generator
Colour picker and Gel inbuilt Gel library

Weights and Dimensions:

Width (without ears): 403mm (15.8 inches)
Depth: 195mm (7.7 inches)
Height: 45mm (1.8 inches)
Weight: 3.1kg (6.8 lb)