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We have upgraded our ChamSys MQ500 Stadium Console & Wing to the MQ500M Stadium Console, adding Motorised Faders, Fader Control Modes, Dual Colour backlit keys & RGB backlit faders.


The total universes processed on board has also increased to 256 Universes, which means additional sets can be added and lighting rigs can grow without hiring additional DMX processing nodes.

Having 256 Universes available at no extra cost, affords us the flexibility to enable multi cell control options on all fixtures, opening up more options to the Gaffer and DOP.

The console is ideally suited to handle large & multi Stage Film & TV Productions.

The upgrade to the MQ500M was just just in time to be shipped out to Romania for an upcoming Netflix Movie, where we controlled 5 sets over 3 Stages from the console, including over 80 Universes of LED Candle control.

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