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We worked with DOP Stephen Murphy BSC on Netflix’s film No One Gets Out Alive (NOGOA)
Gaffer Tavi Andrescu

There was a sequence which was filmed overnight on a moving Metro train in Bucharest, which required a sequence of flashing lights down 6 carriages of the train.

Dozens of Astera Titan tubes were used to supplement the existing lighting down the length of the train, which was controlled using our CRMX TX2 Transmitters, positioned at one end of the train, with no loss of signal all the was to very last carriage.

There was no power available on the train while travelling through Bucharest, so we used a power invertor with a battery stack to supply power for the lighting desk, which was a ChamSys MQ100 supplied by PKE Lighting

To create the effect, we opted to write a custom fixture personality which gave us 2 Intensity channels, with one being used to apply custom dimmer curves, that would allow us to give each tubes their own individual fluorescent flicker instead of relying on the effect generator. This approach gave us a granular control, which could be adapted instantly without requiring time to reprogram.

The fixture personality was then adopted throughout the rest of the sets on NOGOA, wherever fluorescent lights were used.

Stephen Murphy talks more about this in his Instagram post.

“No One Gets Out Alive” | Netflix