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Celeb IKON 6

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Celeb IKON 6 is a powerful IP65-rated softlight designed for use in any indoor or outdoor environment and incorporates our latest technical innovation: a new RGBwWcW LED engine capable of driving full power at all white and colour points.

Confidently move from warm to daylight tones and solve colour rendering challenges with an LED system equipped with two new and improved full-spectrum white sources that deliver the broadest spectrum white light available on the market.

Managed by True Match® firmware, Celeb IKON 6 gives you access to the exact look you want to achieve on camera.

Instantly dominate the close-ups with fantastic colour temperature, camera LUT and dimming options. Access full saturated colours with hue angle colour adjustments and input RGB values.

True Match® makes on-board control quick and easy for board operators to remotely configure and operate Celeb IKON 6 via RDM and DMX. LumenRadio wireless DMX comes standard.


RGBwWcW LED Engine with improved White Space and Colour Space Spectrums
Colour Rendering
– TLCI >99
– CRI >98.2, CRI R9 Value 98.0
– TM-30 Rf=95.7, Rg=99.3
CIE xy / RGB/ HSI /  FX
Camera LUTs
Colour Space selection
3000 Watt LED Engine powered to 600 watts of output at all White Points and Colour Points


Built in Wireless CRMX
8 independently controlled zones
Removable Diffusion
Beam Angle: 110°
Ethercon In/Out Ethernet ports
5 Pin XLR DMX In/Out ports
Data Pass Thru on both DMX and Ethernet Lines
RDM / sACN / ArtNet
USB-C for storing / loading presets
Firmware updates via USB-C
DC battery input via 3 pin XLR
IP65 Outdoor Rated
Jr Pin mount and feet for staging, mounting, and hanging

Weights and Dimensions:

Including Yoke
Width 897mm (35.3 inches)
Depth: 196mm (7.7 inches)
Height: 561mm (22.11 inches)
Weight: 18.1kg (40 lbs)

Excluding Yoke
Width 686mm (27.01 inches)
Depth: 196mm (7.7 inches)
Height: 373mm (14.69 inches)