MA Lighting
DMX Merger


The DMX Merger combines two DMX sources (input A and B) into one common DMX line.

Two XLR 5-pin male and one XLR 5-pin fem. connector, a termination switch, the address selector for input B and the LEDs indicating valid DMX signals are located on the front panel.
A DMX address offset can be assigned to input B.

  • eeEnables two separate consoles to control one dimming system
  • LoTP or HTP merge mode selectable
  • Switchable termination of incoming DMX signal
  • LED indicator for correct DMX signals
  • Protected against over-voltage and interference on signal lines


DMX 512 USITT DMX512 (1990/1986)


DMX Input 2 x XLR5
DMX Output 1 x XLR5


Power Input 230V AC 50Hz (120V AC 60Hz configurable)
Voltage Range 190-250V
Power Supply Internal