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Switch TX Module

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Switch TX and RX Modules are a quick solution, for triggering cues from the console using light switches.

It’s a quick alternative to running cables which can be time consuming.

The battery powered Switch TX (transmitter) module, sends a wireless signal to the RX (Receiver) Module, the Switch RX then relays the switch state to the console.


Compact to fit in most light switches.
Fast install, only requires a screwdriver.
Battery Powered (no external power needed).
Fast Pairing with RX Receiver for quick control.


Frequency: 868MHz
Long Range up to 500M with clear line of sight.
Up to 100M (300ft) with internal walls.
Voltage: 3Vdc
Current: 0.1mA
Output Power: 20dBm.
Long Life Battery operation, lasts most productions.
Accepts CR2032 Battery.
Signal Delay: >25mS.