SkyPanel X (X21)

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The ARRI SkyPanel X21 offers native soft and hard light technology, setting a new bar not only in terms of dimming and colour science, but also in lux output and beam quality for medium to long throws. The SkyPanel X is an all-weather lighting solution tailored to existing workflows.

Your All-Weather Lighting Solution

With a IP66 rating, the SkyPanel X has been engineered for resilience against rain, storms, and even cleaning with high-pressure washers, these lights embody innovation, reliability, and durability.

X21 Dome – For Native Soft Light

The X21 Dome is a simple, high-quality diffuser that can be mounted on the X21 lamphead with ease. This convenient tool is included with every X21 and is fully compatible with third-party accessories.

HyPer Optic – For a Brighter, Longer, Rounder Beam

Using the HyPer Optic attachment on an X21 lamphead turns it into a powerful hard light source with a rounded beam. Designed for long throws and punchy illumination, it works seamlessly with third- party accessories.

S60 Adapter – Iconic Soft Lighting Just Got Better

With an optional S60 Adapter fitted to its front, the X21 is compatible with all SkyPanel S60-C accessories. Established SkyPanel workflows remain unchanged, amplified by the latest lighting innovations.

Modular System

The SkyPanel X’s Twin Quick Lock bracket allows for infinite modularity. This is a tool-ness system allows you to easily upgrade your lighting setup. Daisy-chain power and data through each panel, eliminating multiple power cables and DMX profiles.

Synergy in Productions

The SkyPanel X is also the first LED light that truly speaks the language of the camera. Perfectly sync the SkyPanel with the new ARRI ALEXA modes. The panel is optimized for mixed reality and virtual productions having a digital twin for Unreal engine.

Control Options

Operate manually via the robust ALL-WEATHER Control Panel
Make use of ARRI’s LiCo App through native Bluetooth 5.0 setup and control
Take advantage of LumenRadio’s wireless integration
Benefit from two Ethernet ports, wired DMX, wireless CRMX and RDM control.


2,000K to 20,000K CCT Range (Calibrated)
CCT Tolerance: +/- 100 K (nominal), +/- 1/8 Green-Magenta (nominal)
CRI Average > 98
TLCI Average > 95
TM-30 Average > 94
Full Colour with HSI & CIExy control
ArtNet, sACN & DMX control, with RDM
Beam Angle: 80° (Half Peak Angle) without optics
Light Aperture: 42 mm (1.66″) without optics
Tilt Angle: +/-90° in dry location, +75° / -90° in wet location with rain cover
Power Consumption: 400W Nominal, 500W MAX
PSU Power connection: powerCON True1 TOP
Battery Connector: 3-Pin XLR Connector (Pin 1: negative, Pin 2: positive)
Battery Voltage Range: 48 – 52 V DC
LumenRadio CRMX


Integrated wireless control CRMX Classic, CRMX2, W-DMX G3 / G4 / G4S / G5, BLE, Native Bluetooth 5.0

Format: 2:1 (X21)
Light Engines: 4
Pixel Zones: 8
Max. output (lux): 4,800 lux @ 10 m, 5,600 K (native hard)
Max. output (lumen) 51,809 lumen (native open-face)
LED engine Full Spectrum, 6-color RGBACL LED
Native quality Hard (HyPer Optic), Soft (X21 Dome or S60 Adapter), Open-face
CCT range 1,500 K – 20,000 K
CRI 90 min. / 99 max. (High CRI VariFan mode)
TLCI 93 typical (High CRI VariFan mode)
Camera sensor matching Yes, via ARRI ALEXA Modes
Dimming performance Flicker free, high-res low end dimming
Native beam angle 11º (Hard), 107º (Soft), 121º (Open-face)
Diffuser options X21 Dome, Beam Enhancer filter, S60-C diffusers
Accessory compatibility All SkyPanel S60-C front accessories via S60 Adapter
Type of display Removable ALL-WEATHER Control Panel with LiOS3
Operational modes Standard (Low noise), High Output, High CRI VariFan, ARRI ALEXA
Color modes CCT, HSI, RGBW, RGBACL, Effects, XY, Gel, Source Matching
DMX Presets Yes, via ALL-WEATHER Control Panel, RDM and DMX-512A

Power & Connectors

Daisy-chain modularity Yes, via True1 TOP (power) and EtherCON / RJ45 (data)
2x AC (In and Through), max. 20A, TRUE1 TOP
1x DC (In) 48V for battery use
2x DMX (In and Out), XLR-5pin
2x LAN / Ethernet, RJ45, EtherCON compatible
1x USB Type C
1x LEMO for ALL-WEATHER Control Panel
AC Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power: 800W (X21)
Max. ambient temperature 40ºC


IP-Rating IP66 (High-pressure jet cleaning, rain, heavy storms, high humidity)
Cooling system Passive + Active cooling system with double heat sink

X21 (fixture only)
Dimensions: 738 x 339 x 154 mm (29.1 x 13.3 x 6.1 in)
Weight: approx. 15 kg / 33 lbs
X21 (Manual Yoke)
Dimensions: 875 x 588 x 170  mm (34.4  x 23.2 x 6.7 in)
Weight: approx. 18 kg / 39.7 lbs
X21 (P.O. Yoke)
Dimensions: 842 x 622 x 155 mm (33.2 x 24.5 x 6.1 in)
Weight: approx. 18,5 kg / 40.8 lbs

X22 (fixtures only)
Dimensions: 738 x 668 x 154 mm (29.1 x 26.2 x 6.1 in)
Weight: approx. 30 kg / 66.1 lbs
X22 (Modular Yoke)
Dimensions: 1128 x 1089 x 290 mm (44.4 x 42.9 x 11.4 in)
Weight: approx. 38 kg / 83.8 lbs

X23 (fixtures only)
Dimensions: 738 x 1,002 x 154 mm (29.1 x 39.4 x 6.1 in)
Weight: approx. 45 kg / 99.2 lbs
X23 (Modular Yoke)
Dimensions: 1128 x 1414 x 290 mm (44.4 x 55.7 x 11.4 in)
Weight: approx. 54 kg / 119.1 lbs